Yeshu Naam Satsang, the Hindi ministry of Delhi Bible Fellowship Church, Gurgaon, was born out of a deep burden to reach the Hindi-speaking people of Gurgaon and North India with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
In 2009, over a simple lunch, Pastor Arvind Balaram, the Lead Pastor of DBF Gurgaon Church, sowed the seed of starting a worship service in Hindi, in the hearts of two men, Joy Gill and Asmon Frederick. In 2010, the seed grew into an idea of starting a Hindi Service in the form and shape of ‘Satsang’, an age-old Indian practice, where people assemble for the purpose of learning and
reflecting on THE TRUTH; as such, the meaning of Satsang is “Being with The Truth!” On March 6, 2011, we had our first Yeshu Naam Satsang, with a handful of Hindi speaking people. From about 15 people at the first Yeshu Naam Satsang, currently we are a gathering of about 200 men, women and children that meet every Sunday evening to know and worship Jesus Christ. We do so by worshipping him through songs and bhajans, by listening to a pravachan (preaching) of God’s Word, by spending dedicated time in praying to the Almighty, by fellowshipping together over ‘langar’ (a community meal), and by dispersing ourselves in service of one other through the week in our relationships at homes, offices, streets and beyond. While Pastor Joy Gill was part of the team that started Yeshu Naam Satsang in March 2011, he was installed as the Pastor for Yeshu Naam Satsang in July 2013. He now leads this ministry with the elders and his Core Team.


We believe in worshipping and serving Jesus Christ and making Him known in a manner that is relevant to the community of people that God has placed us among. In the Bible, Paul, too, was trying to become “all things to all people” for the sake of the gospel (1 Corinthians 9:19-23). Jesus, too, contextualized His ministry among us humans – He became one (Philippians 2:5-8)! Satsang has been an age-old religious Indian practice for worship of God Almighty. Satsang means to be in fellowship with the truth! And Jesus says “I AM the Truth!” He also says “remain in me.” By being with Jesus (the Truth), we therefore do Satsang in the way it was always meant to be! While several gurus and teachers have come to point mankind to the truth, Jesus came 2000 years ago and truthfully claimed, “I AM the Truth!” Therefore, Satsang is the perfect name for a Christian gathering in an Indian context!


In North India, people attend various kinds of Satsangs – an assembly of people who come together to learn and reflect on the truth. Typically, a Satsang is centred on a certain ideology or teacher, and the NAME of their ‘Satsang’ reflects this. North Indians have been heard saying, “I have received the ‘name’ of this or that Satsang/god/guru.” The Bible points us all to Jesus Christ as “the only name given under heaven by which we can be saved!” (Acts 4:12). For this reason, the name of our Satsang is ‘Yesu Naam’. It’s no other
name, but the name of Jesus that saves and gives us eternal life. We believe in the centrality of Scripture and that the truths of Scripture are timeless. We are also intentional in communicating the truths of Scripture as relevant and appropriate to the unique context and culture we live in. People groups in North India are among the most unreached in the world. We purpose to reach this part of India with the Gospel for the glory of God. We acknowledge that core Christian doctrine is God-honouring and of highest importance. We also believe that the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God (Romans 11:33) are not merely academic. At Yeshu Naam Satsang we attempt, through the Word and prayer, in song, through fellowship and service, to establish a culture where people can go deeper still – where people can meet with the Lord, hear His still, small, clear voice, and live transformed and radical lives – for the sole and ultimate end of glorifying God. Yeshu Naam aims at making devotees of Jesus Christ go beyond pure academics – not to know but to be!
Here are our five thrust areas:
· Worship
· Word
· Prayer
· Fellowship
· Service
Click here for Yeshu Naam Satsang’s website. www.yeshunaamsatsang.org