Love First Foundation

Love First Foundation birthed out of a deep desire to bless our community. There are dozens of
needs around us in our society and the prevailing poverty and injustice moves us from within to
respond radically to able to do something for the poor, the forgotten and the marginalized.
To this effect, we would like to start a school for the underprivileged children, and use the same
premises in the evenings for giving NIOS coaching to enable many working class youngsters
(like pantry boys, guards, housekeeping staff etc) to clear X and XII and be able to move to the
next level in their careers. We also seek to start other educational institutions.
We also want to give computer training, music and dance classes and attempt opening an adult
literacy centre. Besides, we seek to have special programs for women and children with respect
to their health and well-being, with a special focus on widows.

At some point, the NGO also aims at opening an old age home and a home for the dying destitute
for those in the last days of their life, giving them dignity, compassion, care and love.