Without phone for 3 days - experience!

I was on a train journey from Coimbatore to New Delhi by Kerala Express. My phone was switched off from 8 pm, 5th August to 10:40 am, 8th August. I forgot carrying my charger, and that too on a 44-hour long journey!
But here’s my honest confession: I survived just fine! I know I missed some 100 calls these 3-4 days, but to my surprise, I have benefited more than I lost. Here are the benefits:
1. My biggest benefit was that I spent time with myself the most. With our phones’ constant companionship, I think we have forgotten to appreciate and enjoy the company of our own self.
2. These 3 days, as I travelled alone in the train, I was very productive without a phone (which supposedly should help me become productive, but ends up being a distraction). 
3. I read huge chunks of the Bible. 
4. I read 60 pages of a book on a topic I have been wanting to study. 
5. I organized my laptop hard drives. 
6. I made my monthly to-do dashboard for August in detail.
7. I prayed using my prayer diary for a number of times.
8. I rested a lot. 
9. I thought a lot. 
10. I meditated quite a bit. 
11. I enjoyed some silence. 
12. I enjoyed the movement of the train. 
13. I enjoyed the noise of the train moving. 
14. I enjoyed looking out the window at the green trees, blue waters, colorful houses, stuffed shops, cute faces of people talking, laughing, crying, fighting, selling, buying, cleaning, running, sitting, sleeping, reading, simply doing nothing and so on….Sometimes there is so much fun in just watching people and things around. Life is so full of so much. We have failed to enjoy life in reality, and have become too engrossed in technology and the electronic world. The connectivity has actually disconnected us from our human souls – which were made to relate; relate with God and people.
I realized that life is not all that hard without a phone. I missed connecting with people these days, and feel sorry for those who were trying to get in touch. But I think it's okay, in the big picture. I am back with my phone now and the mess begins! And I am happy to be in it.....

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